Magic Secrets Folding Paper Center Tear

Description: Center Tear can be translated as "Middle Cutouts", one of the basic mentalism trick in the book "Corinda, 13 Steps to Mentalism". This trick is very useful to "read minds" whatever is written by a spectator. Can be a number, name, place name, even pictures.

Enjoy the Magic Secrets Folding Paper Center Tear:


The core of the method "Center Tear" is "stealing pieces of the middle", and a peek at pieces of paper are the volunteers.

1. Create a line in the middle of the paper.
2. Ask the volunteers to write something he was thinking, just above the line you created.

3. Instruct the volunteers to fold the card into 4 equal parts by:
Fold vertically:

Fold the bottom up, horizontal:
4. The next step you should do is tear the paper, except in the writings contained the spectator.

5. Torn into several pieces, until the remaining middle section, where the volunteers to write something thought (hereinafter we call the "X").

6. Put another tear in the rear section X. Open the horizontal section folds X with your right thumb.
7. Extend your right hand to ask the volunteers to give his hand to you. While doing this, use the left thumb to open the fold "part X". In this position, you can see something written by the volunteers. Remember all right.
8. Scratch all parts (including the X), and pour into the hands of volunteers. Use your favorite method of expressing things which are written the volunteers (As if reading his mind, burn the paper with fire, etc.).

Tips: It would be more convincing if the time ripping the paper, you look away from the paper.

How to Make Signature Move Card Magic Secret

How to Make Signature Move Card Magic Secret

This trick ever played by Demian a great illusionis in Indonesia. I've seen in a magic show event in one television station. Very impressive, maybe this trick as a way to move signatures from card to card.

Effect: Magician invites two people volunteer to play, a volunteer in order choose the card and sign the card in his back. Then the other volunteers in order select the card and sign in front of the card. Miraculously, the first signature of volunteers who moved to the card at select by volunteers into two.

1. A pack of cards
2. Markers

Procedure Games:
1. Invite two volunteers to play tricks with you, send a volunteer to shuffle the cards indicate that there is no engineering.
2. Have volunteers choose free card, or we can ask the volunteers what card you like most?. Eg volunteers chose Jack Hearts card.
3. Put the card in the pile of Jack's heart with the position of the top cards facing up. Then do the double lift technique. Double elevator is to take two cards from the pile one card deck but it looks only one card that was taken.
4. Have volunteers sign the back of the card. Provide markers which we have prepared to sign the card. Automatic card is a card that was signed under Jack's heart.

5. Make a double lift technique again. Jack's heart and put the cards on the table with the position of the card is facing upwards. Leave the cards on the table and Jack Hearts volunteers may not take the Hearts Jack card.
6. Now turn to choose a volunteer to two cards. For example a card that position under Jack's heart is the 10 hearts. These cards should be in forcing, we forced the volunteers to pick 10 card Exercise.
7. Cards 10 Heart of the top position now, do the cutting so that there are two parts of the pile of cards. The trick is for one card deck into two piles, 10 card Exercise hold with the thumb and the other four fingers left hand holding the bottom of the pile of cards. Give limit (break) deck of cards with the ring finger and then drop the gift one - pesatu and send volunteers say stop anywhere. When the volunteers said automatic stop 10 card Exercise last fall and that's most preferred card is the second volunteer.
Note: The angle of view is shown by the arrows audience.
8. Take Heart 10 card and place it on top of the stack position. Make a double lift technique, aims to convince the volunteers that 10 card backs clean heart still no signature.
9. Make a double lift technique again. Then send a second volunteer signed a card face 10 Hearts, 10 Hearts then put the cards on the table.
10. Take Heart Jack card, then grasp with your right hand, rubbing - card pads though - will we take the signature. Then take 10 card Exercise, give effect to the right hand soalah - if it had already put a signature card that was taken from Jack's heart. Turn into the second card. So 10 cards there are two signatures His heart is in front and in back of the card while the card is Jack's heart there is no signature.

Magic Trick with Soap│ Sulap Dengan Sabun

Effect: you can predict the numbers with a combined two predictions that did not look and kidding person by making him realize that he got kidding  ... ... ... .... .... .... .... .... .... .... ....?

Preparation Magic Trick with Soap│ Sulap Dengan Sabun :
   1. A fruit cup filled with water.
   2. envelope prediction of 852 (written on white paper using lime juice let it dry)
   3. scratched bars of soap in the bathroom a little wet with the number 849 on hand
   4. matches
   5. 9 pieces of paper with figures collated by the sequence numbers TSB
      2, 5, 8, 4, 6, 9, 1, 3 7 2 stacks in the order above and beyond
   6. a candle wicks soaked with thinner section
   7. alcohol liquid placed on a container.
   8. white board
   9. markers


   1. katakana magician in the audience "who does not believe in the magic show of hands!" if it is calling you to rise above the stage, (let's call it the A Say that again "I will make you believe in magic",,
   2. show and tell on A that you have a glass a touch of bias fly tampa, Person A will not believe it, say we'll prove it. His command of the A to shew his hand on the table masing2 two fingers of one hand middle finger index finger Dann.
   3. TSB put a glass of water over the hands of Person A, Person A must be confused.
   4. Person A will not be biased to move freely
   5. Say "you're not you believe that magic exists"
   6. else says switch kepenonton who believe there is true magic and believe in magic?? "take three people. (Ignore the first child A)
   7. more politely let's assume first acquaintance with whom B, C and D ...
   8. say you have nine pieces of paper with random numbers, shown in the audience (not to order separately) also show your prediction envelope
   9. share figures to the BC and D respectively three pieces, how to divide the fruit straight out of B 3, C 3 fruits, and D are also three pieces .. from the top (of angka2 earlier and so on.
  10. Instruct the first person to issue a single digit number that exist among the three, ordered the same thing to the second and third examples, the first issue number five, the second man took out the number 4, and a third man took out the number one, so the figures obtained 541, then write that number on the board who have been provided.
  11. Write the numbers who have entertained audiences remaining in this case, 893, and write on the blackboard under the number 267.
  12. Then total the numbers on the board imaginable. 541 + 267 + 893 = 1701
  13. load prediction
  14. your audience will menyorakin,, then katakana .. "My prediction munkin ashamed to come out, I forced him to quit akn,,
  15. take candle wicks soaked with earlier tiner
  16. katakana in the audience "I'll dip my hand into kerosene (liquid alcohol earlier), dip your hands in the not too pretty on the border of the nail only, then burn your hands, do it quickly to turn the last candle. (Will not burn your hands, palingan little hot during the liquid alcohol is still there, if it feels hot it would blow out why.)
  17. take the paper as if to say the prediction while the paper put a spell on the fire prediction, not to burn give a distance of about 3 cm.
  18. then the writing would appear that 852
  19. show to the audience.
  20. turns out your prediction was wrong.
  21. leave your audience with an error to expression
  22. katakana I will not give up ..
  23. write that number on the blackboard and paper baker earlier predictions, the audience will be more surprised, rubbed ashes in his hands already in  figure was 849 ...
  24. said excitedly as he put your hand under the number 852 was ... "852 + 849 is 1701 ,,,,, this is his prediction was true ....
  25. receive applause from the audience
  26. please B, C and D return to the place ...
  27. Person A must be feeling tired, smiling and you said "still do not believe in magic?"
  28. lift the glass on his hand,
  29. while shaking hands you said "congratulations you got work me, if you do not believe in magic you will not want to go on stage."
  30. the audience would smile and give applause to you.

Meaning: in every magic show there must be one who does not believe in magic and there is a belief that magic to play tricks on the audience will be more confident prediction magic karma completely empty, everyone will believe in us (magician).

Good luck

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