Magic Secrets Folding Paper Center Tear

Description: Center Tear can be translated as "Middle Cutouts", one of the basic mentalism trick in the book "Corinda, 13 Steps to Mentalism". This trick is very useful to "read minds" whatever is written by a spectator. Can be a number, name, place name, even pictures.

Enjoy the Magic Secrets Folding Paper Center Tear:


The core of the method "Center Tear" is "stealing pieces of the middle", and a peek at pieces of paper are the volunteers.

1. Create a line in the middle of the paper.
2. Ask the volunteers to write something he was thinking, just above the line you created.

3. Instruct the volunteers to fold the card into 4 equal parts by:
Fold vertically:

Fold the bottom up, horizontal:
4. The next step you should do is tear the paper, except in the writings contained the spectator.

5. Torn into several pieces, until the remaining middle section, where the volunteers to write something thought (hereinafter we call the "X").

6. Put another tear in the rear section X. Open the horizontal section folds X with your right thumb.
7. Extend your right hand to ask the volunteers to give his hand to you. While doing this, use the left thumb to open the fold "part X". In this position, you can see something written by the volunteers. Remember all right.
8. Scratch all parts (including the X), and pour into the hands of volunteers. Use your favorite method of expressing things which are written the volunteers (As if reading his mind, burn the paper with fire, etc.).

Tips: It would be more convincing if the time ripping the paper, you look away from the paper.

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